Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter, Erel trained as an actress before finding her way to music.  She comes from an artistic family – her father plays keyboard and her mother paints and makes ceramics.  Erel composes indie-pop music with a lyrical charm. Influenced by Fiona Apple and Billie Holiday, her songs are lyrically based, personal portrayals of relationships, but just as often, her work explores themes like conformity and individuality in modern society.  Feminist Wednesday describes her sound as “ethereal, upbeat, and poppy with a hint of folk,” and she has been likened to songstresses like Regina Spektor and PJ Harvey. 
Erel performs regularly in music venues across New York City, both as a solo performer as well as with the indie groups, Sky Diamonds and Analog Friends.  Her song, Balloon, an upbeat, acoustic duet featuring indie folk artist, Vinnie Ferra, was a regional finalist in the 2014 New Song Music Contest, won 2nd place in RAD’s Song Contest (Recording Artist Development), and was awarded the New Century Music 2014 Song of the Year. 
Erel is currently writing and recording new singles and is in production for music videos. She plans to tour locally with her music over the upcoming year. Sign up on her mailing list for the latest info, and receive a free download.

Charleston's Tiny House Village 

Charleston was damn good to me.  While I was there I got to play music with my long-time pal Nick Jenkins, chat with independently-run station Ohm Radio, and take in some Presidential candidates at the Fish Fry. But probably the most moving experience was taking part in a little ceremony near Tent City, where Charleston's homeless population resides. I saw a group of people come together trying to solve a large problem with a tiny house.  There was some planning in place, but a lot of improvisation as the builders were constructing this house with whatever wood donations they received.  So we sang "If I Had a Hammer" and volunteers actually used their hammers to build a home for someone who needs it.  It was a really great way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day - the project is called Tiny House Fit for a King.

Congrats to Calcutta Rescue 

Thank you to Calcutta Rescue for inspiring me!  Especially today, when the world can look so bleak, I am reminded of the perseverance and generosity of people.  Calcutta Rescue managed to raise over $10,000 towards their cause - money that will be well spent providing much needed medical care to the impoverished living in Calcutta, India. I was honored to share my voice for this worthy cause with Wesley Amorim, who provided beautiful guitar accompaniment for the event.  I'm really happy about this. It's so easy to feel powerless in the face of so much violence and insanity. I'm moved to see a group of caring people come together to offer a solution! (Special thank you to Jonathan Reisman for inviting me to be a part of the event.)

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Erel & Ila Minori @ Hell Phone

Hell Phone, 247 Varet St, , Brooklyn, NY

Prepare to get sneaky and a lil bit sleazy to get into this retro-chic French restaurant & cocktail bar entered through an adjacent cafe's phone booth. I'll be playing a sexy set. And Ila Minori, will be bringing their moody, folk-pop all the way from Texas or possibly Italy. I can't keep track of them at this point. Either way, it's gonna be a fab pre-Halloween show - be there!